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Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Service Description

Service Name Termite Treatment
Cities Served All India
Offices Location Delhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad + (PAN INDIA SERVICES for Commercial properties)
Warranty 6 months free of cost warranty
Area Covered Minimum 100 sqft. Maximum 4Lakh Square Feet
Service Offered in Days Same Day (Express in 4 hours)
Chemicals used Organic Chemicals or Govt Approved Chemicals
Survey Visit Free Technician Visit for Survey
Budget Price Quotation Free Price Quotation in Advance
Free Demo Available, Free Demo on Day of Work
Pricing by property Size Different price by property Size
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Pricing Pricing starts @ Rs.499*.
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Love your furniture at home? Termites also love your furniture at your home, but the only difference is termites want to eat all that furniture and make it dust. How does Infinity’s termite treatment help in this? 

Infinity’s Termite treatment is done by highly skilled Termite technicians, they are quite experts with years of experience and professional training specially obtained for termites only to force them to leave your home forever. Termites can travel from one wood to another and from one room to another through the wall or from beneath the concrete flooring. 

Why should only a professional do the Termite treatment solution at your home or building or office? 

Our technicians are formally trained for termite treatment at houses or commercial places. Our technicians put their experience to use to find out how the termites get to the infected wood, they they also find out where the termites are hiding, and they accordingly pick ‘an appropriate chemical’ to be used for termite treatment and they also find out their paths/route to other furniture and accordingly they do the termite treatment solution at your place. So that they do not infect the other parts or furniture that you have hard earned with your efforts and money.

Features of termite treatment by Infinity solutions:

  • We have different packages for termite treatment: the basic one starts @ Rs.499/ + GST. 
  • Our termite treatment packages come with a minimum six-month warranty. 
  • We use premium chemicals which are absolutely safe for kids as well as elders at your home. 
  • We will provide you with a free demonstration and then we will get to work. 
  • Infinity has over 19,000 happy customers. 
  • If pests come back, we come back too and that too for free. Yes, you will get the best termite treatment solution free under the Termite Treatment warranty scheme.

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