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Our pest control termite treatment services have earned us multiple awards for our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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Our effective and reliable pest control services make us the favorite of both corporate and residential clients.

Guarantee on Pest Services

Most pest control companies offer a guarantee on their services, ensuring that if pests return within a certain timeframe, they will re-treat the area for free.

Honest Fair Pricing Services

Honest fair pricing is a core value of pest control service companies, ensuring transparency and trust with their customers.

Best Pest Control Services

Found Termites in your Wooden Furniture? Are termites making tunnels on your walls and traveling from here to there? Yes, we understand your worry. Do you want a guaranteed solution? Sure, we will give you a guarantee on our pest control services. Why and how? It takes serious commitment to giving satisfactory services and we aim to make every client happy with our additional efforts:

  • We train our technicians to get the roots of termite problem and treat this problem with utmost care and experience.
  • We use marvelous quality chemicals which are safe for both kids as well as elders at your home.
  • We provide no less than 6 months of guarantee on our work, and we also give free inspection anywhere within the year of giving the termite solution.
  • We give a free demo before we start the work.
  • We are very economical our Termite control service starts at Rs.499/- per furniture only.
  • In case of termites comes back within warranty time (in any case they will not appear again, we do not compromise with our work done and quality) if they do come back, we will also come back to give you free service for the same furniture under pest control service warranty scheme. 
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Bed Bugs Treatment Control

Any pest found in your home is dangerous, different bugs can cause us 100s of different diseases. If you are worried because you spotted Bed Bugs In your bedroom, especially in your Bed? We understand why you are worried.

Bed bugs drink our blood. drinking blood from a human is as easy for them as a bug sucks sweet juice from a fruit, bed bugs are smart they only come out at night when you go to sleep (Bed bugs detects) they understand a humans presence when the lights go off and when you are asleep you as human exhale carbon dioxide which these bed bugs smell and come out to get their blood feed. 

In the daytime they rarely come out they often hide under the bed inside the Matterses, in clothes and in switch boards, but if you find them anywhere in daytime that means now they are in excess numbers: indeed, a high time to call infinity solutions for bed bugs treatment control. Our Bed Bugs treatment control services are the best in town.

We aim to keep our clients happy with complete satisfactory work. It might take 2 visits for our specially trained technicians to visit your place to give you a best pest control service for bed bugs treatment control. How and why is our bed bug treatment the best?

  • Our technicians are experienced and trained to give you bed bugs solution at your place with 100% satisfactory work
  • We use the best ever quality of chemicals, they are strong yet odorless, and they give you instant effect.
  • With every work done an additional warranty on our services is a reason for satisfaction fo all of our clients, we provide 6 months of warranty on our work
  • post 6 months we also offer free visit within 1 year of duration to inspect bed bugs activity status.
  • We will make sure that a free demo is provided before we start the work.
  • We are known to be very affordable; we offer per bed bug treatment control starting at only Rs.799/- per furniture.
  • Within 6 months of time frame if bed bugs come back? We will also be back to kill them for another time again and that too for free (Believe us these bed bugs are afraid of us, they will not come back by their own). 
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Commercial Pest Control Services

Do you have a commercial property or Office or a Building/Hotel/Restaurant/Banquet where there are Deemak/Termites, Rats, Bed Bugs, Other Bugs, Lizard, Mosquitos, and commercial pest control services are required? We have a specialized team who are trained to manage these challenges for pest solutions in commercial places as well.

We have years of experience in giving difficult termite solutions to corporate offices as well as corporate Hotels and Resorts of up to 8 acres = 39,095 sq gaz area at one go only. Our technicians with special kits and chemicals only leave your area after giving 100% satisfactory solutions. Why the commercial pest termite control treatment services by Infinity is the Best?

  • Specially Trained Technicians to give solutions for commercial places only.
  • Optimum quality, odor-free chemicals: safe for everyone working or staying at the commercial property or hotel/restaurant.
  • 6-month warranty along with 1 additional free survey visit to observe if pests are not penetrating again.
  • Within the warranty period if in a pest comes back (although the pest will not be back, we make sure.) We will give you a free solution for the re-infected area.
  • 100% solution with free inspection visit along with the most affordable Price Quotations.
  • Free demo of the working process and chemicals to be used.
  • Our individual service plans start @ only Rs.499/- for more pricing information visit our rate card category section. We maintain honesty over pricing.
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