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Service NamePest Control Service
Cities ServedAll India
Offices LocationDelhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad + (PAN INDIA SERVICES for Commercial properties)
Warranty6 months free of cost warranty
Area CoveredMinimum 100 sqft. Maximum 4Lakh Square Feet
Service Offered in DaysSame Day (Express in 4 hours)
Chemicals usedOrganic Chemicals or Govt Approved Chemicals
Survey VisitFree Technician Visit for Survey
Budget Price QuotationFree Price Quotation in Advance
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Termites can make your properties / house / office a living hell. Termites penetrates very quickly a female termite can lay 30,000 eggs in one day and within weeks baby termites comes out of the eggs and within days they get into the job, the job of converting wood into Dust. If the atmosphere and weak wood quality is in the Favour of Termites to eat and to create their colonies, they certainly will infect the whole house or building within months and will destroy each & every wooden furniture at your place.

That is why it gets urgent to go for Pest control Services.

That is why once you smell or see or feel the threat of termite presence at your place it is very important for you to act or else, they will control over your place. It is never too early or late to ask for pest control services.  

So, how do you control termites and what to do once you feel their presence at your place? 

Have you seen termite killer sprays in the market? Honestly, they’re good for a few days only. You really need to be aware that for pest control services you cannot rely on self-servicing or by spraying termite sprays by your own self. because as much as you see the termites: over the wood, they are in multiplications: behind the wood, beneath the wood or inside the wood. You will anyways require a professional who will first visit your property for a survey and post observation they will decide on how they will provide you with the pest control service, they will observe the need of how to start and finish the pest control service. on the exact state of how the termites came to your house, with what route and after checking every wooden furniture or fixture they will decide on the appropriate chemical to be used in a professional way at your property

Why? Because it really takes years of experience as well as appropriate knowledge of chemicals and one must also be aware of how to use chemicals as well as how not to apply the chemicals, if done with lack of knowledge it will look like that the termites are killed but ‘in actual’ if their colony is not destroyed, their path movement is not destroyed, if their eggs are not destroyed their presence will soon be felt again. Termites travel from one corner to another between the wood inside the wood over the plastic wall paint as well as beneath the tiles and marble. let us also surprise you termites also travel in between the concrete. 

Pest control services offered by Infinity solutions are only and only done by certified and experienced technicians our pricing starts at rupees 499 plus GST and for A3 BHK house for wooden + walls + concrete solution the pricing remains under 4 digits, also we promise optimum quality products and minimum 6 months of warranty.  

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