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Bed Bugs Pest Control

Bed Bugs Treatment

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Service NameBed Bugs Pest Control
Cities ServedAll India
Offices LocationDelhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad + (PAN INDIA SERVICES for Commercial properties)
Warranty6 months free of cost warranty
Area CoveredMinimum 100 sqft. Maximum 4Lakh Square Feet
Service Offered in DaysSame Day (Express in 4 hours)
Chemicals usedOrganic Chemicals or Govt Approved Chemicals
Survey VisitFree Technician Visit for Survey
Budget Price QuotationFree Price Quotation in Advance
Free DemoAvailable, Free Demo on Day of Work
Pricing by property SizeDifferent price by property Size
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PricingPricing starts @ Rs.499*.
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Why bedbugs treatment is important?

Do bedbugs live on blood and as it comes from their name they live in the beds, and they often come out at night. They can spread a range of diseases to humans, especially skin problems, as well as they can infect your blood, they can also cause psychological effects to any human.

How do they come to your home or to your beds?

They can travel through your clothes, your travel bags, ladies’ bags to your furniture or to your bed sheets or to mattresses, or even through your shoe soles. Once they’re inside your house they would like to live at a place where there are clothes and where there is human blood available.

At night they only come out to drink blood from your body their attacks are soft that many at times you even won’t understand that the bit you (it does takes efforts for someone to wake you up from your deep sleep, and the soft bites of bedbugs doesn’t bother you at night when you are in your deep sleep) you certainly notice only blood stains (small stains). These bed bugs can survive on single blood-suck for seven to 10 days, how you understand the need of bedbugs treatment.

Bedbug treatment is important right at the same time as soon as you get to understand there is a need of treatment because bed bugs can confuse you with their presence as they don’t need to suck on you for the blood every day. Bed bugs are dangerous because they lay eggs and hide at their safe spot under your bed, or they hide in the empty spot behind the electricity plugs and buttons. They can survive for ten months to 14 months according to how they get their blood meal feed.

How to know if bed bugs treatment is really required right away or not?

  • Unusual stains on your pillow or bed sheet? Yes, bed bugs treatment is important right away 
  • dark or rusty spots of bedbug excrement on mattresses, walls, bed sheet or pillow? you really need to save yourself from serious diseases call Infinity solution right away for bed bugs treatment. 
  • A wet or musty, offensive smell coming from the mattresses? Beware they are laying eggs: bedbug treatment is important right away, ask Infinity solutions for free quotation + free survey + free demo for bed bugs treatment.

Bed bugs treatment for removal, it’s a two-stage step by step process. It will really need an expert and his experience to completely phase out bedbugs from the sweet spots of your beds and mattresses.

Infinity bed bugs treatment is a guaranteed solution. It takes 30 to 50 minutes per room for permanent treatment but it comes with up to six months warranty. be rest assured that Infinity solution for bed bugs treatment will only use high quality anti Bed bugs chemicals, so that you and your family get rid of this nasty insect sleeping in your room and drinking your blood. in case if bedbugs do not go away from your house Infinity solutions will cover the part under the warranty program. our general pest control services start from Rs.699, our termite treatment solution services start from Rs.499 & our bed bugs treatment start from @ Rs.899. For more information, please visit pest control prices section

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