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Service NameRodent Control
Cities ServedAll India
Offices LocationDelhi, Mumbai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad + (PAN INDIA SERVICES for Commercial properties)
Warranty6 months free of cost warranty
Area CoveredMinimum 100 sqft. Maximum 4Lakh Square Feet
Service Offered in DaysSame Day (Express in 4 hours)
Chemicals usedOrganic Chemicals or Govt Approved Chemicals
Survey VisitFree Technician Visit for Survey
Budget Price QuotationFree Price Quotation in Advance
Free DemoAvailable, Free Demo on Day of Work
Pricing by property SizeDifferent price by property Size
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PricingPricing starts @ Rs.499*.
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 Rats, yes in many of our religions we spray them, but these Rats can still be very difficult to manage. The ability is that you will find them trying to invade every house, especially the ground-floors. They come from nearby drains, even if you have small Nali or drain nearby, they will smell food and clothes and phone and everything whatever they like to put their shiny, small, sharp Teeths on!

Rodent control Many will feel that there is no Need of a professional for this job one thinks they by their own self will be able to do the job: certainly, our technicians who are trained to actually do rodent control: In case of this problem is not going away with ‘your-self done efforts’: we’ll prove it that you as not a professional will definitely miss out on something where Rats will again come back to invade your house: Our professionals will really be able to do something very good for you. Rodent control services will certainly stop the rats to invade your house any further for food, Wires and furniture. In fact, this rodent control job will be a collab between the house owners and technician to work together to let you get rid of rats’ invasion. Invite our rodent control specialist by simply calling us on 9643088833 Phillip contact us form on this page. We will arrange a Rodent control expert for you who will come to resolve your problem for good

Why do you need Rodent control Service by Infinity solutions.

  • Don’t want to smell that musty moisture bad odor coming from the house? Ask for rodent control service from Infinity solutions. 
  • don’t want to see black poop laying on the closet shelf and floor and kitchen shelves and next to the food storage areas? Don’t worry, infinity’s Rodent control program will resolve your problem fill out the form below or call us right now. 
  • do not want your lentils, masalas, plastic bags, clothes, foams, cables and any-every other thing to be eaten by those small teeth of rats? Do not worry, you can leave it on Infinity Solutions. 
  • want to remain still free of plague, you really need rodent control right away. 
  • want to save your cables and appliances, give us a call let’s save your commodities.

You certainly need rodent control solution by infinity Our pest control services are of utmost quality, we only use best quality or organic yet very safe chemicals so that the pest control service work done remain effective for days and our quality turns out to be the best and very satisfactory. Infinity provides a warranty so that in case of any complaint you have the option not to pay again and again and your work will get done under warranty and you will not have to pay anything or any money. 

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